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About The Divorced Bachelor

Like many of you, I expected to married to my wife “till death do us part”, as per our vows. Most of our friends told us that we were the perfect couple, and I honestly felt the same way. Sure, our marriage had its ups and downs, but when you have been married for 11 years (and together for 19), that’s to be expected.

But somewhere along the line, she started feeling differently. And instead of sharing her concerns with me, she kept them bottled up.. for years. Until one fateful Sunday morning, when she said the words that would send my world spinning.

“I want a divorce!”

To say that I was blindsided would be an understatement. My heart was racing, my mind going a million miles a minute, trying to figure out what was going on. She proceeds to tell me that she had been thinking about it for awhile now, and how she “hasn’t been happy for a long time now.”

We sat and talked for hours, and she made it clear that she wasn’t interested in trying to do couples counseling or anything, she just wanted out of the marriage ASAP. Realizing that there’s no way to fight to save the marriage when one person has already checked out, I did just that, getting the ball in motion for divorce. No lawyers, we came to an agreement on everything, and that helped the process go much faster.

6 weeks and 2 days later, the judge made it official, and now I’m just trying to pick up the pieces and begin the next chapter of my life as a 44-year old divorced bachelor. The initial shock was so great that I came down with shingles, a fate I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

But instead of wallowing in self-pity like many people do after going through a divorce, I decided to embrace my newfound freedom and look at this as a fresh start, excited about the prospect of dating again and seeing what lies ahead for me.

I’m curious to see what the future holds in store for me, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you guys.